Vastex Flash Cure Units Add Digital Controls

All AirFlash and RedFlash infrared flash cure units are now equipped with digital controls as standard, it was announced by Mark Vasilantone, president, Vastex International.
The digital controls offer fine adjustment of heat from zero to 100% for repeatable results, diagnostic indicator lights for simplified monitoring, and a high-capacity solid-state relay for long-term reliable service.

The RedFlash series features a low profile head height of only 2.75˝ (7 cm), and a cooling fan that keeps the outer surface safe to the touch and forms an air curtain around the perimeter to maintain uniform temperatures for edge-to-edge consistency.

The AirFlash series features a 140 cfm (238 m3/h) blower with filtered air intake that can distribute clean, heated air uniformly across delicate fabrics such as nylon.  For flashing of regular fabrics, the air flow can be diverted to cool the outer skin.  

The 18˝ square (46x46 cm) RedFlash flash cure is equipped with either a 2,600 watt, 240V heater (model RD-18-240) or 3,500 watt 240V heater (model RD-18-240-HO). The 18x24˝ (46 x 61 cm) model RD-1824-240 comes with a 3,500 watt, 240V heater as standard.

The 18 in. square (46 x 46 cm) AirFlash model RAD-18-240 is equipped with a 3,500 watt, 240V heater, while the 18x24˝ (46x61 cm) model RAD-1824 has a 4,300 watt, 240V heater. 

All Vastex flash cure units feature 360° head rotation, an adjustable-height stand with casters, head leveling adjustment, heat shield and side handles for operator safety. All are also CE compliant and come with a three-year warranty on the entire unit plus an industry-leading 15-year warranty on the heater.

Options include a heavy-duty stand with casters, a rotary table, and an AutoFlash upgrade that rotates the head of the flash cure unit into place above the pallet and away with the touch of a foot pedal.

The company also manufactures other models of flash cure units as well as manual screen printing presses, athletic numbering systems, conveyor dryers, screen coaters, screen exposing units, screen drying cabinets, pin registration systems, washout booths and complete equipment packages for entry-level to industrial shops. Also offered is a range of training classes covering general subjects for beginners and specialized topics for experienced printers.