Cal Poly Announces Second Phase of Ray Prince Endowment Funding Drive

May 1, 2021 marked the first anniversary of the passing of printing industry legend, Raymond J. Prince. A $100,000 scholarship and endowment drive was announced one year ago to commemorate Prince’s life of giving in support of graphic arts education and the printing industry. 

The first year’s $30,000 funding goal was met for the Raymond J. Prince Graphic Communication Future Leader Endowment, which will support Cal Poly Graphic Communication students as they pursue careers in our industry.

The second year’s $70,000 funding goal is to ensure that the endowment’s principal provides annual returns for multiple scholarships to Cal Poly students, the future leadership of the graphic communication industry.

Whereas the first year’s contributions came from friends and acquaintances of Ray Prince, the second year’s support is to recognize the many companies that Ray Prince assisted through his advice, mentoring, and wisdom. Indeed, the entire industry benefited from Ray’s support. 

The following is a list of last year’s individual endowment founders. This year’s contributor list will honor corporate founders.

The endowment drive is being led by Harvey Levenson, Cal Poly professor emeritus and former chair of the Graphic Communication Department, and Ray Hartman, a Cal Poly alumnus and member of the Graphic Communication Department advisory board.

Levenson says, “For decades, Ray Prince has given of himself generously. He has given to associations: GATF, PIA, NAPL, and TAGA. He has given as a consultant to help companies grow and prosper. He has given as an expert witness to help industry on legal matters. He has given to university programs to help build their libraries. And, he has given by funding teachers who educate future employees. We are asking industry to give back to honor Ray Prince’s name, so it lives on forever for his unrelenting generosity and support for graphic communication education and industry growth.”

Hartman says, “Raymond J. Prince devoted his life to the printing industry over many decades. Ray was very proactive in recruiting young talent to engage in the extensive printing arena. He was a regular at many career days for high schools and was also instructed at several college-level programs for many years. He was a famous and sought-after consultant to improve productivity, and advised printing equipment decision-making at some of the most successful printing companies across North America. Ray's deep insights were also sought after in product development from many of the leading equipment manufacturers in commercial printing and the packaging field.”

Companies can participate through the following secure link, and will be recognized for supporting education and preserving Ray Prince’s name in perpetuity.  Their support will ensure his contributions to the ongoing growth and development of our industry will never be forgotten.

Contributions are tax-deductible, and supporting companies will be publicly recognized unless anonymity is requested.