Nazdar Adds Orange and Light Black Options to 130 Series Solvent Inkjet Inks

Nazdar Ink Technologies has expanded its 130 Series of solvent inkjet inks with two new colors: orange and light black. By enhancing the existing range of CMYK plus light cyan, and light magenta to include orange and light black, Nazdar will enable end-users to deliver an enhanced range of colors and more accurate grayscale printing on graphics output.
Designed specifically for use in Mimaki Digital Printers using Mimaki SS21 Ink, the Nazdar 130 Series inks are closely color-matched and chemically compatible with the original inks, saving users both time and money by switching one color at a time. Flushing, purging, or re-profiling is not necessary when transitioning, due to the accurate color reproduction capabilities of the ink set.
Suitable for multiple substrates including vinyl, banner material, blue back paper and backed mesh, the high-impact, high-intensity Nazdar 130 Series inks also have enhanced drying characteristics to accommodate faster print speeds.
On the new ink color introductions, Stephen Woodall, market segment manager – Aqueous & Solvent Digital at Nazdar, comments, “The orange ink has been added to the range to ensure our end-user customers can achieve a wider, more vibrant color gamut, while the new light black option will help deliver stunning monochrome images.
“All our inks are covered by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the market — covering the entire ink train — enabling businesses to confidently take advantage of the increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our fully field-tested solutions.”
Nazdar 130 Series Inks are designed for maximum outdoor resistance to color fade and chemical attack caused by the combined effects of UV degradation and environmental pollution. Each color is formulated with durable long-term outdoor pigments and – when used with proper color management – color variance of the original print density will be minimal over a period of 24 months for vertical outdoor exposure.
For full information regarding validated equipment, please see the Nazdar 130 Series Technical Data Sheet.