Boston Industrial Solutions Introduces Natron M87 UV Inkjet Primer

Ink manufacturing company, Boston Industrial Solutions introduces Natron M87 stainless steel and metal primer for UV inkjet printing. The Natron M87 Stainless steel primer improves inkjet ink adhesion to all stainless-steel, coated, and uncoated metal items. This metal UV inkjet primer microscopically transforms the surface structure of stainless-steel enabling UV inkjet inks and UV-LED inkjet inks to permanently bond with these substrates. It is the perfect primer for stainless steel drinkware applications such as stainless-steel tumblers, stainless-steel vacuum insulated water bottles, stainless-steel stemless wine glasses, and many other metal drinkware items. 

By applying a small amount of M87 primer, UV ink adhesion improves significantly enabling the prints to pass scratch, tape, and wash adhesion tests. 

Like the Natron G1 Glass primer for UV inkjet printing, the Natron M87 primer has undergone through rigorous testing to ensure excellent results on difficult to print stainless steel substrates. 

Natron M87 primer features:
• Single component, making it easy to use straight off the can — simply wipe and print your product.
• Once applied it leaves a visually undetectable molecular coating 
• Improves surface finish, and print quality
• Works on stainless steel, coated and uncoated metal substrates 
• Available sizes: 0.5 L (16.9 fl oz) / 1 L (33.8 fl oz) containers.

This announcement is groundbreaking because decorators and printers alike can print on difficulty to print substrates without having to invest heavily on different types of primers to achieve outstanding printing results. The Natron M87 Primer will help reduce cost and boost productivity. Printers and decorators worldwide can now take advantage of the benefits offered by the Natron M87 UV inkjet primer for stainless steel: ease of use, economic value, and permanent ink adhesion.