ColDesi Inc. Announces Release of Sawgrass Sublimation Sublimation Printers

ColDesi Inc. has announced the addition of Sawgrass sublimation printers to its lineup of customization and apparel decorating equipment. It now carries the following three models:

• Sawgrass SG500
• Sawgrass SG1000
• Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ628

ColDesi reports the Sawgrass printers deliver an affordable way for home-based or small business startups to jump into the customization market, adding that they are ideal for T-shirt businesses looking to expand their product offering to include promotional goods. 

"We have had thousands of people respond to ColDesi’s outreach about custom T-shirt printing equipment, like our DigitalHeat FX white toner printers and G4 Direct to Garment Printer. Sometimes, it’s just too much of an investment,” says Mark Stephenson, director of marketing for ColDesi Inc. “But now we’ve teamed up with Sawgrass to offer them a way to get started with quality equipment at an incredibly low price.”

Part of a plan for continued growth, the addition of the sublimation printers builds on the successful joining of to the ColDesi family of brands.

The company also indicated that Sawgrass sublimation printers would be included in future bundles with other equipment — like one with the Avance embroidery machine, so customers can both embroider and offer custom T-shirts. 

“That’s the strength of ColDesi,” reports Alex Duran, sales manager, “People are growing their businesses by offering more things; embroidery, dtg prints, uv printing, white toner transfers, and now sublimation. You can get all that in one place now with”

The company began adding sublimation blanks to its supply division website,, earlier this year. Customers will now also be able to get their sublimation printer supplies, like ink and paper, on the site.