Xeikon Launches New Color Services

Xeikon has brought to market its brand-new XCS Pro 2.0. The fully automated suite of color management tools is based in the cloud and delivers every advantage of quality color control — predictability, repeatability, and profitability. Brand owners and retailers and the current high levels of e-commerce continue to drive the need for color consistency across the whole of the print process.  The new color package includes training courses plus ongoing consultancy and is offered as a ‘pay as you go’ subscription model making it simple and easy to adopt and utilize. The new XCS Pro 2.0 is available for demonstration — seeing is believing!

Xeikon’s Color Management Expert, Bruce Dransfield, states, “Historically color management software has needed an expert to deliver results and this takes time. Xeikon has developed its XCS Pro 2.0 as a ‘no waste’ ‘no expert’, fully automated color system. Xeikon now has the first digital dry toner, web press solution which embraces self-fixing color control, quality control and ICC profiling plus Pantone/brand color generation to meet all industry standards. Xeikon has built its new color management system’s architecture to enable it to remotely analyze, target and fix any color problem in minutes. Xeikon’s cloud based analytical tools can diagnose any color issue and the issue is sorted with no delays which adds to significant time savings in production.”

Xeikon wants to instill a lean approach to color management and make it practical for all their customers and users, which offers a lot of advantages:

The quality control tools can be set to industry standards — either theoretical, ‘process corrected’ or ‘house’ standards and results are measured and traced using the new analytics in Xeikon’s cloud-based system.

It is also possible for the operator to fix and re-verify the color quality of the print on the fly.
Xeikon’s dry toner engines are all fitted with in-line spectrophotometers to automatically make this possible during production saving on waste and rejected jobs.
For packaging and label printers, accurate brand colors are vitally important.

Xeikon’s new suite of color management software contains tools that can copy and paste from a pre-printed sample to optimize the brand color for the selected substrate.
xXeikon uses .CxF (color exchange format) in order to communicate with tools found in the analogue world such as Flint Group’s VIVO or Pantone LIVE as well as proofing systems.

Xeikon’s XCS Pro 2.0 offers the printer the predictability and confidence to be able to match digital brand colors alongside the results from other processes. Printers can match spot and brand colors where Xeikon’s new color tools remove all guess work and avoid down time by trial and error. Customer loyalty is crucial to any business, so repeatability and consistent quality is another important advantage. This was an early design specification of Xeikon’s Color Control toolbox to allow for reproduction of any job at any time with the exact same quality. Using the Inline Spectrophotometer supplied with all Xeikon dry toner engines, color management becomes touchless and automatic. Last minute tweaks can be made “on the fly” and profiles, color tables, and quality control are all controlled by AI during production ensuring the highest quality print is maintained.

For advice please visit the online service, and for more information on Xeikon’s XCS Pro 2.0, or to book a demonstration, please contact info@xeikon.com.