Alder Color Solutions Named Exclusive Distributor for ChromaChecker’s Individual Color Conformance Inspectors

Alder Color Solutions, in partnership with ChromaChecker, has been selected as the exclusive distributor of ChromaChecker’s individual inspector tools. The premier inspector tools found within ChromaChecker’s Color Conformance Platform can now be individually purchased, with an annual subscription, through the Alder Color Assurance Program.

ChromaChecker is the industry’s first color conformance platform that enables printers to define and establish their own color standards and automatically track and assess if the output devices can meet the set color expectations. The inspector data tools within the platform allow users to monitor color compliance across specific mediums, such as substrates, instruments, user performance, among others.

“Chromachecker is breaking color barriers with their game changing software suite.  Now, with the Alder Color Assurance Program, we can customize a color QC program with the accompanying tracking and analyzing platform at a very economical price.  This will help any manufacturer of color whether that is printing, carpet, wallpapers, etcetera, to improve color consistency,” stated Keith Voigt, president, Alder Color Solutions. “We are excited about our expanding partnership with ChromaChecker, and their incredible tech team.” 

Previously, the Color Conformance Platform was only available as a full subscription package, which included all inspector tools. Through the Alder Color Assurance Program, printers and brands now have the ability to customize their color conformance subscription with a ‘la carte inspector products, and receive additional specialist tech support, training, and QA monitoring from Alder’s team of certified color experts.  

“Alder Color Solutions is focused on helping their customers get control of their color. They have the infrastructure and the personnel to guide their customers to transition from a graphic arts mindset to a manufacturing mindset,” says David Hunter, ChromaChecker. “We are excited about our partnership to expand how companies can take advantage of the unique and productive color inspectors built into ChromaChecker.”

“We set out to put together a premier process control program. With the combination of the ChromaChecker cloud-based platform and our [Alder Color Solutions] professional services, together we’ve achieved just that,” says Dan Gillespie, director of technical services, Alder Color Solutions. “We can now monitor the color accuracy of any printing process, remotely through an online dashboard–in real-time, anywhere around the world. Through our exclusive agreement with ChromaChecker, companies can now purchase individual inspectors and partake in a platform that otherwise may have been cost prohibitive,” says Gillespie. 
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