Prism Inks Announces Self-Dispersing Dye-Sub Ink

Prism Inks is pleased to announce a major technological advancement with the release of self-dispersing dye-sublimation Inks. This new technology is now part of its SubliMate Dye Sub Ink product line for DX and TFP series of printheads.

The significance of self-dispersing particles is that the dye-sub particles repel one another and, as a result, materially increase jetting reliability, image quality, shelf life, and color consistency. Traditional dye-sub inks have particles that over a period of time start to combine and eventually cause nozzle dropouts, or worse, complete clogging of the printhead.

Amir Ajanee, CEO of Prism Inks, states, “Our philosophy is to continually improve our product offering, especially our leading dye-sublimation ink. This introduction of self-dispersing technology in our dye-sub inks is a significant achievement by the Prism Inks R&D team in our Sunnyvale, Calif. location. We are excited to provide this new capability to the dye-sublimation market since we know users will be pleased with the superior print performance derived from this major enhancement.”

GO SubliMate Ink with self-dispersing dye sublimation technology is available immediately through the Graphics One distribution channel and via OEM printer providers.