INX International Enhances Technical Services Offering to Commercial and Package Printers

INX International Ink Co. announced it has increased its all-encompassing slate of Technical Services that are available to commercial and package printing customers. It bodes well for those looking to take advantage of training and education, improvement in pressroom productivity, and other significant measures.

Recognized as an industry leader in providing essential support to customers, INX has knowledgeable ink experts who can help commercial and package printers navigate issues specifically related to ink. This includes G7 Certification assistance, quality improvement processes and practices, and troubleshooting support.

“In the past, ink choice was little more than a passing thought. In recent years it has become more sophisticated and an important asset to the business community, especially with brand owners,” says Ron Deegan, senior VP of sales – North America for INX International Ink Co. 

“From pressroom assessments and press fingerprinting, to product selection and trial support with continuous improvement recommendations,” continues Deegan, “our technical team takes a proactive approach to service. Our structured mindset focuses on increased efficiencies and throughput, waste reduction, quality improvements, and lower applied costs.”

One area Deegan believes offers significant value is G7 Certification assistance. INX not only has certified IDEAlliance G7 experts on staff, but the allotment of resources available and approach in offering color management best practices that sets INX apart from other ink manufacturers.

“Most corporate brands require printers to submit work to be graded for color and consistency. Combine this with more and more customers requiring printers to be G7 master printers before doing business with them, and you’ll understand the shift in our approach,” explains Deegan.

“Our G7 methodology helps printers run a set of standards that is based on a gray balance of cyan, magenta, and yellow, which builds your color palette when printing. The end result is we have the know-how to help printers reach color faster while reducing waste, reproduce jobs on different printing platforms, and match proofs across different print platforms.”