ONYX Software Named 2020 EDP Best Color Management Solution

Onyx Graphics announced that it's industry-leading RIP software has been named the 2020 Best Color Management Solution at the annual EDP awards, marking the second award from EDP for best color management since 2018. The winners are selected by a commission of experts (The EDP Technical Committee), which evaluates the submitted products on technical abilities and product innovation that improves speed, quality, performance and cost.

"Onyx Graphics has always had color at its­­ core" says Matt Crawford, director of product marketing at Onyx Graphics. "To be recognized again by the experts that make up the EDP panel reaffirms our commitment to providing industry-leading color output that PSPs around the globe can truly rely on."

Highlights of ONYX software Color Tools:

–DeviceLink+ for synchronized color output across devices and direct input to output profiles
–ColorCheck for color accuracy, consistency and conformance to global standards
–iccMAX v5 profiling for output accuracy
–AccuBoost to iterate and fine-tune ICC profiles
–Swatch Books 2.0 for fast, easy color matching
–GCR+ for up to 30% ink savings without compromising saturation
–PosterColor 2.0 for smart rendering intent for increased saturation of solid colors
–ONYX Color Engine explicitly designed for wide-format print applications