Brite Frame Fabricators Identified as an Industry Disruptor by Shifting Focus to Safety Partitions

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on throughout the U.S. and abroad, drastically changing the nature in which people interact in any setting, Brite Frame Fabricators has turned to their raw material manufacturing ability in the heavily impacted silicone-edge display frame industry to provide a crucial part of the mitigation effort by pivoting their production line to deliver social distancing safety partitions for businesses of all markets.

Social distancing safety measures have by necessity become interwoven in the fabric of our society at a rapid pace. According to the CDC, World Health Organization (WHO) and OSHA, installing barriers, sneeze guards, and partitions in any public area wherein businesses require interaction either internally between employees or externally with the public can assist in mitigating the spread of airborne pathogens, which are stated as the primary method of contracting COVID-19. Utilizing pre-existing production methods and inventory, Brite Frames rapidly developed and deployed a new product line of safety partitions, repurposing three of their dozen display frame profiles to accommodate an acrylic sheet, and with the advent of their innovative CrystalFlex roll-up PVC, a soft plastic with silicone-edge lining to slot into the frame for easy and cost-effective shipping.

“Social distancing is likely to remain with us in some sort of permanent way, so safety partitions as a solution are going to be needed by businesses of all sizes and industries," says Ian McCarthy, director of sales & business development, Brite Frame Fabricators. "We believe that the partition products we’ve developed fill a need in the transition from initial response to the onset of integrating social responsibilities into our everyday interactions. Our partitions are durable, they’re aesthetically pleasing because they come from a framing and display business; they are built to look good and withstand some rigors.”

Brite Frames safety partitions come in silver anodized aluminum frames, as well as custom powder coating in black, white or color; in custom sizing, with acrylic or CrystalFlex soft roll-up PVC surfaces. The partitions can be configurable in multiple orientations: tabletop or desk mounted, freestanding vertical partitions, or hung from the ceiling. Unit pricing starts as low as $129 for a 24x48” horizontal sneeze guard. Brite Frames has the ability to manufacture with short turnaround times, typically able to ship orders within a week of placement.