New Streamlined Air Permit for Wisconsin Based Printing Operations

After a year of working with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), a new revised air pollution control permit has been finalized for printing operations. PRINTING United Alliance’s Government Affairs staff worked closely with the WDNR on the permit revisions. The permit, known as the Type C Registration Permits (ROPC), was issued on September 21, 2020. The existing permit had to be revised because of changes in air pollution control regulations. In addition, the recordkeeping and reporting requirements were also updated. 
The ROPC permit is specific to printing operations that are not large sources of air pollution emissions. It is a standardized permit containing requirements designed to control emissions and methods used to demonstrate compliance with the requirements. The permit significantly streamlines the process involved with obtaining and maintaining a permit and provides operational flexibility. The benefits include: 
• A simplified application process. 
• 15-day DNR decision on applications for coverage, if there is no existing permit to revoke. If there are existing permits that must be revoked, a 14-to-30-day revocation waiting period is required prior to deciding on coverage. 
• Facility modifications without the need for an obtaining prior approval via a construction permit. 
• No expiration date for the permit. 
• Simplified and less frequent recordkeeping 
Printing operations that already hold a ROPC permit are automatically covered by the revised permit. If currently covered, there is no need to file any paperwork or contact the WDNR. However, the responsible person at the operation needs to review the new permit and understand what, if any, changes would apply to their operation. Facilities that have a current ROPC permit were sent copies of the revised permit.  
The permit is available online at Compliance assistance materials are available at the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program’s website at 
For more information, please contact the Regulatory Affairs Team at  

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