Thomas Trimingham Promoted as M&R's Director of Marketing

M&R is happy to announce that Thomas Trimingham has accepted the position of Director of Marketing at M&R. Trimingham has more than 29 years of screen printing experience and has been with M&R for three years. His background includes design, separation, fine art, consulting, marketing, and writing for the industry. Prior to M&R, he worked as an illustrator, art director, high-end separator, marketing manager, and head of R&D.

He has published hundreds of screen printing articles over the course of his career. In 2019, he was promoted to marketing communications manager, where he evolved new promotional strategies with the marketing department and executive team and developed a heightened effectiveness of M&R’s brand awareness and communications.

As director of marketing, Trimingham will expand upon the current progressive reach of M&R’s front-facing communications, as well as provide market insight and planning that his deep knowledge of the garment decoration industry affords him to help further M&R’s national and international reach.