InkSoft’s New "Store Preview Image" Gives More Control Over Branding

In a competitive online environment, how well an online store is branded can make all the difference. It needs to be communicated almost instantly what a business offers and if it has what customers are looking for. 

Recently, InkSoft added a new tool to help decorators do an even better job and make sure their site stands out. They will be able to improve their marketing, generate more interest, and increase traffic.

Up until now, when a web store link was included on social media, there was no control over what graphic popped up with the link. With the new Store Preview Image, decorators can chose which photo they want to show on three social media platforms. If they have multiple stores, they can use this feature to create preview design templates for spiritwear, teams, corporate identity, apparel, or whatever niche they are in to save time and ensure consistency. 

Find out how Store Preview Image works and how to maximize its capabilities by visiting