Tapecon Chairman Receives Lifetime Achievement Award in Manufacturing

Tapecon Chairman, Alan Davis, was recently awarded the Buffalo Business First Lifetime Achievement Award in Manufacturing. This award honors outstanding contributions to manufacturing in Buffalo during an individual's career.

Buffalo Business First hosted a virtual award ceremony on Wednesday, July 22, which included an acceptance speech from Davis, who spoke on his career at Tapecon and what factors helped his success.

While recording his speech for the virtual award ceremony, David said, "One thing I know for sure is that I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the support, dedication, diligence, and loyalty of the people around me, both past and present. I want to thank Business First for this award — I'm very honored. I do think that manufacturing is very strong in Buffalo and look forward to seeing it continue to grow."

Steve Davis, president of Tapecon Davis' oldest son says, “My father is one of those managers where you always feel like he’s listening. He doesn’t talk over you, and he always thinks before he speaks. He has been a great mentor to me along with my brothers and everyone in the company."

Everyone at Tapecon is proud of Davis and his dedication to the company for over 46 years. Congratulations!