Mathias Die Company Announces New D’Slugger 3 Machine and PD3 Tooling Technology

Mathias Die Company (MDC) announces the introduction of the D’Slugger 3. This new generation machine has undergone a complete redesign in 2020.

The machine enhancements and improvements include frame structure, precision stroke control components, and latest-technology pneumatic controls.

MDC has also added an elite level of d’slugging tooling, the PD3 Tool. This new tooling option ensures exceptional alignment tolerance between male and female tools during each cycle of the machine. This allows for more complex and unique part geometries to be reliably and successfully d’slugged. PRINTING United Alliance (PrUA) member companies, producing smaller and more complex parts, spawned the development of this new
tooling category.

MDC is offering PrUA members an attractive trade-in program for current D’Slugger owners to upgrade to the latest generation. For members looking to add d'slugging capabilities, MDC is offering a limited-time discount. The D’slugger 3 eliminates manual methods for removing scrap from die cut parts. The new machines are in-stock and ready for fast-turn delivery.

As the industry exits the COVID-19 pandemic, MDC anticipates PrUA member companies will begin to see larger-quantity production orders being produced as programs return to North America. With this will come the need to reduce laborious processes such as manually d’slugging die cut parts.

A video on how to set up and run the  D3 D’Slugger is available at
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