Re-Opening Canada- Providence by Providence

As the amount of COVID-19 cases begins to decrease and Stay at Home Orders begin to expire, many areas of Canada are issuing guidelines of how re-opening the economy will work. Many Providences have Phase plans that will reduce restrictions incrementally. See below for the specifics in your Province or Territory.


  • On April 30, Alberta published Opening Soon: Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy. The relaunch will occur in three phases. Stage 1 will begin May 14.
  • Alberta never halted manufacturing, construction, or energy operations, so business will continue as usual in these sectors.
  • Order 18-2020 states that Alberta Workplaces Must Develop and Implement COVID-19 Plans and Post Within 7 Days of Re-opening 

British Columbia

  • British Columbia announced May 6 that a variety of businesses and services will reopen as early as mid-May. B.C. Premier John Horgan said the government will be ready to reverse course if COVID-19 cases begin to spike.
  • Remaining restrictions: B.C. Premier John Horgan announced April 29 that he has extended the provincial state of emergency for another two weeks and public health orders remain in effect.
  • Starting May 16, gatherings with two to six guests will be allowed for dinner parties and backyard barbecues, as long as there's a strict understanding that no one will socialize if they have any symptoms of COVID-19. The ban on gatherings of more than 50 people remains in place. The province will not allow concerts, conventions and other large gatherings until there is wide distribution of a vaccine.
  • Find more information here. 


New Brunswick

  • New Brunswick announced its plan to reopen on April 24. The re-open will happen in phases:
    • Red – the present phase aimed at flattening the curve and containing the virus as quickly as possible
    • Orange – aimed at balancing the reopening of social and economic settings while preventing a resurgence of transmission
    • Yellow – aimed at further increasing the reopening of social and economic settings after the ability to control transmission has been demonstrated
    • Green – this phase will likely come after a vaccine is available or more is learned about how to protect people from the virus 
  • Guidance documents for each phase will be available soon. In the meantime, read more about the phases here.

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • On April 30, Newfoundland and Labrador announced its plan for gradually relaxing public health restrictions, called: A Foundation for Living with COVID-19. The Plan includes five alert levels and the relaxation of restrictions will depend on the province’s alert level, as determined by its Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH).
  • Employers with operations in jurisdictions not listed within the plan should remain alert for the release of such plans. 

Northwest Territories

  • For all five Northwest Territories, COVID-19 restrictions in the territory are expected to continue for at least another month.
  • Dr. Kami Kandola, the N.W.T.'s chief public health officer, said on Wednesday that easing restrictions can only be considered after increasing testing by opening up the criteria for getting tested and making rapid testing more widely available.
  • The N.W.T.'s state of emergency public health orders remain in effect.

Nova Scotia

  • Nova Scotia began easing some public health restrictions around COVID-19 on May 1, including the reopening of parks and trails, and allowing fishing and gardening. The province says it is developing a phased plan to further lift public health restrictions.
  • Nova Scotia's state of emergency public health orders remain in effect after extending the order until at least May 17. Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil announced May 8 that students would not return to school this year.

Nunavut Territory

  • Nunavut has not announced any plans to reopen its economy. As of May 4, there were no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the territory.
  • Nunavut's state of emergency public health orders remain in effect. 


Prince Edward Island

  • Prince Edward Island announced a phased-in approach to easing public health measures on April 21. Renew PEI, Together will be implemented in four phases—Phase 1 began May 1 and Phase 2 will commence May 22.


  • On April 28, Quebec announced that the gradual reopening of the economy will occur in phases according to areas of activity and geographic zones, and emphasized that it will be essential at all times that the public continue to observe health recommendations to limit the risk of COVID-19’s spread.
  • Commencing on May 4, retail stores with direct exterior access can resume their activities, except those in Montreal, which may reopen on May 11.
  • Commencing on May 11, manufacturing companies can resume activities, however at all times throughout the day they must limit staff per shift to a maximum of 50 workers and 50% of the employees exceeding the limit of 50 workers.
  • Commencing on May 25, manufacturing companies throughout Quebec can resume their operations with no limitations on the number of employees present. Employees who can engage in teleworking must continue to do so.
  • Workplace Sanitary Standards Guide—COVID-19.


  • On April 23, Saskatchewan announced a five-phase plan: Re-Open Saskatchewan. Phase 1 began May 4. Phase 2 will begin May 19.
  • The plan recommends the maintenance of many COVID-19-related practices throughout all five phases, including physical distancing where possible, staying at home when sick, continued working from home if the work can be performed effectively, minimization of high-risk exposures for vulnerable populations, enhanced cleaning and disinfection in workplaces, public spaces, and recreational facilities, following recommended public health measures by businesses and workplaces, and requiring staff in long-term care facilities to work in only one facility.

Yukon Territory