Bipartisan Uniform Product Chemical Ingredient Labeling Legislation Introduced

In addition to California’s Proposition 65 product warning labeling requirement, since 2017, there has been 62 proposals in 17 states that would require warning labels or ingredient listings. In order to provide a uniform and consistent approach to product ingredient labeling, SGIA has joined the Coalition for Accurate Product Labels (CAPL), which has successfully been able to get legislation introduced that will address this issue.

Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR) and Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) introduced H.R. 6044, Accurate Labels Act, that will amend the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act. The intent of the legislation is to:

• Ensure that consumers have access to clear, accurate and meaningful product labels.
• Establishment of science-based criteria for state and local labeling requirements to ensure consistent, high-quality consumer information.
• Would allow state-mandated product information to be provided through smartphone enabled “smart labels” and on websites.
• Ensures that covered product information is risk based; and
• Leaves unchanged current federal laws related to allergens, nutrition facts and medicines.

According to CAPL, research shows that 62 percent of Americans believe the federal government should set the standard for what labels must be included on products consumers buy. CAPL members believe that US Congress should amend the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act to create a national standard that will ensure that consumers benefit from information on packaging today while guaranteeing that additional product information required by states or localities is clear, accurate and based on sound science.

SGIA will provide updates as this legislation moves forward. For more information, please contact SGIA’s Government Affairs department at

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