WildSide Offers 20% Off Special Effects in April

A special effect lends extra pizazz to a transfer design increasing its impact and effectiveness. During the month of April, WildSide is offering 20% off three of its most popular finishes: metallic, glow and glitter. 

Adding these to any custom or stock transfer design can increase its sparkle, amplify its colors and add fine details that make it stand apart from the rest. All WildSide screen printed transfers feature detailed, high-definition artwork and have a soft feel. 

Orders are processed quickly with shipment ranging between one and five days depending on the size and type of product. The company offers multiple sheet sizes allowing you to choose the size that allows for the most efficient ganging to save money. 

Not sure what you want? Customer service at WildSide is excellent. Trained experts can guide you through the process of determining exactly how to best meet your clients' needs with a product they are more than satisfied with. 

Don’t delay — this offer ends April 30, 2019.

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