Printing Industry Dropped from OSHA’s Amputation Prevention Enforcement Program

After years of being on OSHA’s list of high hazard industries for amputations, the printing industry has been dropped from the list of targeted industries. The good news comes with OSHA release of its updated National Emphasis Program (NEP) on Amputations in Manufacturing Industries in December 2019. The purpose of the NEP is to focus enforcement efforts on amputation hazards in manufacturing industries. The new NEP will expire on December 10, 2024.

In the revision to the 2015 NEP, OSHA changed the way it identified companies that are considered high hazard. OSHA’s new methodology in generating the list of covered industries for the new NEP includes inspection history over the past 4 years, high Bureau of Labor Statistics amputation incidents of 50 or greater and an incident rate of 7.5 of greater incident rate for amputations in a given year and manufacturing industries that reported 25 or more amputations to federal OSHA in a calendar year from 2015–2018. The new NEP came up with 75 targeted manufacturing industries and includes certain packaging operations.

The printing industry had previously been on the NEP for many years going back to at least 2006. Being identified as a high hazard industry under the NEP carries significant consequences as any individual company included in an industry category is subject to unannounced inspections by OSHA. Many individual printing operations have been inspected and issued citations and high penalties for noncompliance. Even though the printing industry is no longer directly targeted, any amputation or injury resulting in hospitalization for treatment must be reported to OSHA with 24 hours. Any reportable incident involving equipment may result in an OSHA inspection.

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