SGIA Named to EPA’s Clean Air Act Advisory Committee

After a meticulous selection process, SGIA was named to participate in EPA’s Clean Air Act Advisory Committee (CAAAC). The CAAAC has about 40 members representing senior managers and experts from state, tribal, and local government, environmental and public interest groups, academics, industry and others. SGIA was selected to represent the interests of small business. The CAAAC is a formal committee falling under the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) FACA committees are created to obtain advice on a wide range of environmental issues and is the only legal mechanism EPA can use to solicit advice from the public.

The purpose of the CAAAC is to develop a diverse representative group to advise EPA on a variety of important air quality issues. The committee meets twice per year to address a variety of topics that include both regulatory and nonregulatory issues. The committee will undertake detailed examinations of specific topics and can either provide verbal advice or prepare written reports providing suggestions to EPA on how to either resolve an issue or identify areas for additional research.

The most recent meeting, that was held in November 2019 addressed a wide variety of subjects. The discussions focused on EPA’s recent proposals to address emissions of ethylene oxide, wood stove certification testing, international transportation of air pollutants and several items involving controlling emissions from mobile sources such as those with diesel engines, automobiles, etc.

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