Digital Art Solutions Launches New Graphics+ Membership Program

With the help of Graphics+, a membership program offered by Digital Art Solutions, apparel decorators can receive access to the latest Smart Designer Pro and Rhinestone Designer software, support, training and freshest artwork to constantly present clients to new ideas.

The full version of the Graphics+ Membership includes a monthly catalog filled with new artwork, templates, fonts and more. It comes in two versions:

–A compact PDF that can be uploaded to a website for customers to browse when deciding on a design.
–A second full-length version including additional info such as rhinestone designs, embroidery designs, fonts and each clip art design presented in one-color, two-color or multicolor variations. 

Monthly artwork collections are divided into categories and themes. For example, a typical issue might include templates, fonts and graphics around topics and themes like breast cancer awareness, basketball, class pride or band. Designs are created in CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator as interactive templates that can be modified to each job’s requirements. 

A full membership costs only $99 a month and can be cancelled at any time. Visit to see a product tour video and a sample issue.