STAHLS' Releases Get The Look Split-Front Jersey How To Video

For decorators, knowing how to decorate split-front baseball team jerseys is a must for catering to the team market. STAHLS’ video titled “Get This Look: Split-Front Baseball Jersey,” shows how easy it is to line up a team name across a shirt that opens in the front. 

While it may seem intimidating for those who have never done it, with Cadworx LIVE software and the techniques shown in this video, decorators will see it’s almost as simple as applying any other type of heat-sealed design. 

CadworxLIVE allows decorators to choose split front as an option when ordering precut team names, and it will automatically split it for them. So when their product comes, it’s ready to apply. Then, if decorators are doing a two-color word, this video shows how to seal the top color to the background color before positioning it on the shirt. 

In this step-by-step demonstration, viewers will see SimStitch® Perma-TWILL® material being used. It is laser cut with a simulated zig-zag stitch that is a great alternative to embroidery. 

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