RELYCO Launches New “Wild” Website & Online Store

RELYCO®, a leading provider of value-added business printing and payment solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its updated website and online store. Not only do these sites reflect the company’s newly adopted "Wildly Reliable" brand mantra, but they also offer an improved and more engaging user experience across all digital devices. They feature helpful information regarding applications and quicker access to product options. 

“Our goal was to be more helpful — to make it easier for visitors to find precisely what they are looking for,” states Bruce Steinberg, CEO of RELYCO. “It’s based on today’s best practices and on feedback we’ve received from our customers and partners. Of course, we also wanted to express our new brand mantra (Wildly Reliable), which is a new bold declaration of how we operate and what we aim to be for our customers. Today’s fast-paced world demands that we be ultra-dependable.” 

The website has a sharp new professional look and feel that is more visual and modern. It references some of the main industries that RELYCO serves such as food and beverage, grocery, government/military and education. The company’s identity is more clearly defined and the content rings true to the values RELYCO offers to customers; an approach that is friendly, empathetic, collaborative, innovative and relentless.

The site navigation has been rearranged to highlight the vast selection of product options available for buyers. Over time, an effort will be made to add educational content to help visitors see new possibilities for their business using RELYCO solutions.