ColDesi Inc. Announces New Hybrid Digital Screen Printer: Daily-Jet 4060

ColDesi is excited to announce the launch of their new revolutionary hybrid screen printing machine. With more than 50 years of combined experience in digital printing, embroidery and the bling industry, ColDesi will be showcasing the Daily-Jet 4060 at the Impressions show on January 16 - 20.

The machine's unique benefits are ideal for:

–Pre-digital screen printers
–High-volume direct-to-garment (DTG) shops
–Team and sports league printers

The Daily-Jet will be a perfect fit for shops looking to increase profits by lowering operating costs — specifically on orders in the 25 - 300 quantity range.

Digital screen printing machines or hybrids like the Daily-Jet 4060 are revolutionizing the world of traditional screen printing. The unique design of the printer allows shop owners to take advantage of the optimized benefits of both digital and screen technologies.

• Lower operating and per-print costs
• Lower inception costs than industrial-sized DTG machines
• Increased profits on small to mid-quantity orders
• Solves color and registration problems
• Higher quality blends and bleeds (no half-tones)
• On-press pretreating
• Single setup for poly, cotton and blends
• Reduced wear and tear on printhead
• Faster job setup and job changes

Mark Stephenson, Director of Marketing for ColDesi, said, “With the Daily-Jet 4060 we have a pricing and performance breakthrough. It’s tens of thousands of dollars less than comparable systems and that gives the highest ROI and the lowest inception costs.”  

“Shop owners won’t have the white ink headaches or high costs of more expensive DTG machines like the Kornit, Aeon or OvalJet. Instead, our hybrid lays down the white ink channel in just a few seconds using traditional methods, but you also get the beautiful high-quality prints of DTG.”