SGIA Attends US EPA’s America Recycles Innovation Fair

On November 14th, forty-five companies gathered in the Ronald Regan Building and International Trade Center to showcase new and exciting products and services in the recycling and circular economy space. Exhibitors included manufacturers of recyclable products, manufacturers that use recycled materials, recyclers with innovative changes to the current recycling system, educational services, and more. See the full list on EPA’s website.

Attendees included investors, manufacturing companies seeking recycled content, recyclers seeking ways to innovate and grow end market client base, interested and concerned citizens, students, and trade associations, including SGIA.

The gathering served a two-part function. First, as a way educate the public about what innovations are available in terms of recycling capabilities, resources to find where and how to recycle within their local area, and to empower the public to use their purchasing power to buy products containing recycled content in order to strengthen end markets.

Second, as a way to build partnerships within the circular economy community. Circularity only works when each part of the supply chain works together. This event facilitated meaningful partnerships that allowed equipment manufacturers to show their innovations to recyclers, recyclers to find end markets, and end markets to promote their recycled or recyclable products to the public. These links throughout the supply chain strengthen the recycling system in our country and helps to close the loop in their economy.

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