Printbox Announces SGIA Product of the Year Award and Upcoming Webinar

Printbox is proud to announce that it received the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association’s (SGIA) 2019 Product of the Year Award for Software – Web-based Design. Now they're hosting a webinar, focused on this prize.

Printbox gained recognition for new features implemented in recent software updates. The most important enhancement is the auto-creation feature based on a smart algorithm that analyzes images using selected parameters, such as the date of creation and content of the image. The system creates a book smartly, helping the end user in the creation process, thus reducing the ordering time. Other features presented in the competition entry were: native Mobile Apps, flexible buying paths and production workflow add-ons.

 “We’re extremely proud to receive appreciation from SGIA, experts in the industry. This empowers the whole Printbox team to fit the needs of the industry even more. Our customer-centric approach relies on our input to create innovative solutions in the personalized photo products industry and we want to reaffirm that our solution is leading the market,” said Michał Czaicki, CEO at Printbox. “As Printbox continues to innovate and contribute to the next-gen software, we plan to deliver high-quality solutions designed to directly benefit the needs of our customers.”

“One of the things I like best about our competition is that it is juried, and judges are basing their decisions on objective criteria. And with outstanding entries like Printbox, they had their work cut out for them,” said Ray Weiss, Director of Digital Print Programs, SGIA. “The Product of the Year competition represents the best of the best among commercial hardware, software, consumables and industrial and screen equipment,” Weiss said. “Congratulations to all the winners.”

Now Printbox invites printers to take part in a webinar on November 20, focused on the winning software. During the one-hour webinar, the company will show prominent Printbox features, as well as innovations introduced in the latest versions. The webinar agenda includes:
• Flexible buying paths – how to create a seamless experiences and maximize conversion with Printbox step configuration and dedicated editors.
• Smart Autocreation – presentation of the newest Printbox feature that uses the smart algorithm in the book creation process
• Mobile-friendliness with fully responsive HTML5 online editor and native Mobile Apps for iOS and Android
• E-commerce and production – overview of built-in e-commerce and Printbox production enhancement (project rendering, Getbox, barcodes)