VGI sells Xitron to Global Graphics

Vanguard Graphics International, parent company to wholly-owned subsidiaries Printware LLC and Xitron LLC, has announced the sale of Xitron to Global Graphics PLC. With the announcement, Printware and Xitron have committed to maintaining their long-standing relationship. Both companies stress that the sale will not affect any software products developed by Xitron and offered by Printware through their iJetColor™ Pro, iJetColor NXT™ and iJetColor™ Envelope Printing Systems.

Stan Goldberg, CEO of Vanguard Graphics International, believes the sale will be beneficial to both Printware and Xitron and will allow both companies to focus on their core capabilities.  “As a longtime developer of the Harlequin RIP®, Xitron’s prepress software products and markets align very well with Global Graphics’ strategic directions; while Printware will have the additional financial resources necessary to take full advantage of the growth of the inkjet market through product development and potential acquisition opportunities.” Goldberg also confirmed that both Printware and Xitron have committed to continuing to maintain their long-standing relationship, and as a result, the sale will not affect any of the current software products or services offered by Printware.

Tim Murphy, President of Printware, noted, “The sale of Xitron provides Printware with additional resources that will allow us to continue developing new iJetColor products as well as provide for new marketing and service programs to continue our leadership role in the rapidly growing inkjet market. In addition, the capital provided by the sale will also allow us to further enhance our business through new partnerships.”

The sentiments of Goldberg and Murphy are echoed by Karen Crews, President of Xitron. “We’re looking forward to progressing our development projects with Printware and helping them build on the success of the iJetColor line,” she said. “We also find ourselves in the enviable position of increased collaboration with Global Graphics while growing our development opportunities and market share around the world.”