Does the time and expense of becoming certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard pay for itself?

For companies seeking operational excellence a robust quality management system, which the ISO standard provides, is paramount. Some companies build their quality system on the ISO standard but never become certified. In their case, they don't believe their customer base requires or values the certification. Other companies, particularly in the packaging market, would not be considered for some business without the ISO certification. The more multi-national a client is, the more likely that ISO 9001 is important to it. Companies in other parts of the world are more likely to feel compelled to be ISO certified than in the United States, where virtually all of a company's business can be domestic. Whether certification will generate additional business for your business is tough to know, unless prospective customers have already been inquiring about it. You can read more about one company's decision to pursue certification here.

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