Safe and Sound Week

As a part of their year-round safety efforts, OSHA hosts an annual Safe and Sound Week. This event recognizes success stories of workplace safety and provides information on how to build strong Safety and Health Programs to ultimately keep workers safe.

This year, SGIA was able to Partner with OSHA and offer our own Safe and Sound Week in conjunction with OSHA. SGIA identified activities that printing operations could accomplish each day and provided a multitude of new safety resource that can be used to meet each task. Focusing on OSHA’s 3 in 30 Campaign, SGIA members who completed three safety activities or events within 30 days were able to gain recognition by receiving a Participation Digital Coin and Badge that they could proudly share and display on their web page for their dedication to safety from both SGIA and OSHA.

With the themes of Management Leadership, Employee Engagement, and Finding and Fixing Hazards in mind, SGIA had 13 members earn recognition. The event was very successful and SGIA is looking forward to growing member participation in this event next year!
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