Karibu Meets Energy Efficiency Standard

Confirmation comes from experts at Fogra that the new Karibu roll-to-roll printer from swissQprint is highly energy efficient. When they tested it as specified by the ISO 20690:2018 standard, Karibu scored even higher than the Nyala flatbed printer. swissQprint had this model put through its paces last year, when it was also given the rating "outstanding energy efficiency". 

The ISO 20690 standard specifies methods for determining the energy consumption of digital printers and thus allows comparison of their operating costs and ecological footprints.

Standardized Measurement
In order to model realistic system usage, the standardized measurement includes four different printer statuses. To ensure that results are consistent, the experts used three different printing modes several times with a standardized print file. For example, Karibu in its most productive "speed" printing mode applies 71 square meters to the substrate per kilowatt hour.