Graphics One Launches New Large Heat Press for the All-Over Market

Mogk Industries, based in Blumenau, Brazil — in the midst of the largest textile-producing region in South America — is pleased to announce the release of its new PTDA-1000 heat press.

Featuring dual tray 1-by-1.45-meter (39.4-by-57-inch) reciprocating trays, the Mogk PTDA-1000 is an industrial unit meant for years of production use. Primarily aimed at the all-over market, the Mogk PTDA-1000 is the perfect complement to large-format dye sub printers from EPSON, HP, Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland.

According to Dan Barefoot, Vice President, Graphics One, “With space at a premium in the U.S. market, and the explosive growth of all-over dye sub printing, we believe this unit will quickly become the best selling large-format heat press in our industry. Mogk has been producing heat presses and calendars longer than any other manufacturer in the Americas. The reason for this is their incredible quality and value, and we expect this tradition to continue with the launch of the PTDA-1000.”

The Mogk PTDA-1000 will be available through the Graphics One distribution network in the Americas.