SGIA Supports Proposed Revisions to Wisconsin Waste Rules

The SGIA Government and Business Affairs staff submitted comments to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) supporting its proposed revisions to the hazardous waste regulations. The rulemaking process involves two distinct actions. The first is the release of draft economic impact analysis and the second is the release of the draft rule changes. In both steps, comments are received by the WDNR for consideration.

SGIA’s comments were on the draft of the estimated economic impacts of the proposed rule revisions. The WDNR is seeking input on the estimated economic impacts of the rule changes. The changes in the regulations are quite extensive as WDNR is incorporating many changes EPA made to the federal rules and the ones that are pertinent to the printing industry are those involving revisions to the hazardous waste generator requirements, eManifests and the definition of solid waste. Many of these changes are beneficial as they streamline the current requirements and provide regulatory flexibility for those printing operations that generate and manage hazardous wastes.

A separate public comment period on the rule itself will be held after the economic impact analysis has been finalized. SGIA will continue to work with the WDNR to ensure that the rules as proposed will be adopted.
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