OSHA Increases Penalties For 2019

On January 23, 2019, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced plans to increase the maximum penalties an employer can be issued for violations by slightly more than 1%. OSHA is allowed to increase its penalty amounts to adjust for inflation annually.

The new penalty levels will apply to all violations occurring after January 23, 2019. The following chart shows the new penalties effective January 23, 2019:


  • Any serious violation of OSHA rules or standards
  • OSHA violation deemed other-than-serious
    (29 CFR 1903.15(d)(4)): up to $13,260
  • Failure to correct a violation
    (29 CFR 1903.15(d)(5)): up to $13,260
  • Violation of posting requirements
    (29 CFR 1903.15(d)(6)): up to $13,260
  • Any willful violation of OSHA rules or standards
    (29 CFR 1903.15(d)(1)): Minimum of $9,472 up to $132,598
  • Any repeated violation of OSHA rules or standards
    (29 CFR 1903.15(d)(2)): up to $132,598

If you have any questions about OSHA compliance or need further information, contact Government Affairs.

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