Effective August 11th ? New Industrial Cleaning Solvent Rules in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection has released its final rules for Industrial Cleaning Solvent activities in the commonwealth. SGIA had provided comments to the state asking for consideration for both screen and digital printing activities.  The final rule does acknowledge both.

The rule allows the use or application of the industrial cleaning solvent associated with the cleaning of screen printing equipment to have an as applied VOC content that does not exceed 4.2 pounds of VOC per gallon (lb. VOC/gal) (500 grams of VOC per liter (g VOC/l)).  Facilities claiming this exemption must maintain records of all the following information for the screen printing equipment industrial cleaning solvent:  The name and identification number of the cleaning solvent used; the VOC content or composite vapor pressure, as applied and the volume used or applied monthly.

Digital printing has been listed as an exempted source under this regulation.

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