SGIA Submits Comments to Maine DEP

SGIA provided comments to Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection on their proposed rule 166, Industrial Cleaning Solvents.  SGIA had previously submitted comments to the DEP in 2013 with the result of achieving an exemption for screen printing operations’ use of cleaning solvents.  The current language exempts screen print facilities as long as solvents with no more than 4.1 lbs. of VOC per gallon are used.  SGIA requested that additional language be added that would allow facilities the option of using a low vapor pressure product.

In addition, SGIA requested an exemption for cleaning activities associated with digital printing operations.  In its comments, SGIA stated that “There is precedent for this request.  Ohio’s Rule 3745-21-23 specifically exempts cleaning operations associated with digital printing from regulation under its Industrial Solvent Cleaning rules.  Similar language can be found in Wisconsin NR 422.035, Industrial Solvent Cleaning, Part 1 and NR 422.037, Industrial Solvent Cleaning, Part 2; Illinois’ 218.187, Other Industrial Solvent Cleaning Operations; and Indiana’s Industrial Solvent Cleaning Operations, Rule 17.”

SGIA will keep the industry updated as this rule progresses through the rulemaking process.

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