President Trump Issues Executive Order to Expand Apprenticeships and Reform Workplace Development Programs

On June 15, 2017, the President issued Executive Order 13801, “Expanding Apprenticeships in America.” This Order addresses the increasing costs of higher education as well as the lack of opportunity for college graduates in America. Current federal programs for education and workforce development are widely believed to be ineffective, with many Americans (college-educated and otherwise) struggling to find full-time employment. The intent of this Order is to expand apprenticeship programs in America and reform these inefficient workforce programs at the federal level. “Apprenticeship” is defined in the Order as “an arrangement that includes a paid-work component and an educational or instructional component.” The Order specifies that the Secretary of the Department of Labor must create a task force on apprenticeship expansion, which will include representatives from a variety of industries as well as educational institutions. The task force will identify strategies to promote apprenticeships and submit a report on their findings. No later than two years from the date of this Order, the Secretary must also establish an Excellence in Apprenticeship Program. This program will collect voluntary information on efforts to implement apprenticeships and recognize those employers or organizations who make these efforts. Finally, all federal agencies must submit to the OMB, along with their budget, a list of workplace development programs, if any, that they administer. SGIA will continue to monitor the impact of this Executive Order. Sign up to receive the most up-to-date regulatory and legislative information about specialty imaging.
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