SGIA Attends First 100 Days 2017 Legislative Conference

On March 22, 2017 SGIA attended the First 100 Days 2017 Legislative Conference, co-hosted by NPES and Idealliance. Members of both the United States House of Representatives as well as members of the printing, imaging, and mailing industry were invited to attend the conference. The program included several panels on issues that could have a significant impact on the printing industry. With the new administration, there are expected to be many policy changes that printers should be aware of. Topics included healthcare reform, regulatory and workplace policy, trade policy, and tax policy. The first panel focused on regulatory and workplace issues and highlighted the importance of small businesses to our country’s workforce. The healthcare panel discussed the American Health Care Act, which if passed would repeal the Affordable Care Act and make key changes such as tax credit structure changes, the phasing out of Medicaid, and the removal of penalty taxes for not having insurance. The third panel was focused on the Trump administration’s trade policy, which is one based on trade agreements to reduce the US trade deficit. The final panel focused on the tax policies of the new administration, which included discussion of the House Ways and Means Committee tax reform Blueprint. SGIA will continue to monitor the impact of these policy changes. Sign up to receive the most up-to-date regulatory and legislative information about specialty imaging.
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