CPSC Issues Clarifying Amendments to Testing for Textiles

On October 14th, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a Direct Final Rule to clarify when component part testing can be used and also clarifying which textile products qualify for the exemption from the CPSIA testing for lead.  CPSC indicates that “whether textiles require testing for lead content depends on whether the products are dyed or include other non-dye finishes, decorations, colorants or prints and not on the techniques that are used in manufacturing, printing or applying such products.”  The direct final rule’s language clarifies that dyed textiles, regardless of technique, are not subject to the required testing for lead in paint for total lead content. All other elements are still applicable for these children’s products, including development of a certificate and tracking label.  For our industry sector, this would include application techniques such as dye sublimation.  For those printers in which non-dye substances, such as inks, to not become a part of the fiber matrix but remain a surface coating, are subject to the testing required under the CPSIA for children’s products.  If adverse comments are not received, the provisions of this final rule will become effective December 14, 2015.  Questions? Contact Marci Kinter at marcik@sgia.org.