Wisconsin DNR and Printing Industry Seek To Establish Green Tier Charter

On April 1st, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources plans to hold a hearing on the proposed Green Tier Charter between the Printing Industry, including SGIA, and the DNR. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and representatives of Wisconsin’s printing industry negotiated a charter to foster compliance assistance, develop tools for and encourage superior environmental performance. The charter will work in tandem with the industry’s existing national SGP program, which is similar to Green Tier. The charter will be an excellent vehicle to improve sustainable business practices within the industry while in return increasing regulatory efficiency. The charter contains commitments believed to be equally beneficial to both the department and the printing industry providing environmental and economic benefits. This charter includes several overarching goals: • Identifying opportunities for improving compliance and regulatory efficiency. This includes streamlining current environmental regulations and creating new approaches to meet regulatory obligations, as well as developing and updating support and guidance documents. • Exploring and promoting alternative approaches to beyond-compliance environmental activities. This includes outreach to the industry about the Green Tier and SGP programs, sustainable green printing practices and new technologies, new or revised regulations, and other resources. • Encouraging participation under the Green Tier program and SGP for the additional benefits including recognition. SGIA continues to actively work with the DNR to finalize this important industry initiative. For more information, please contact Marci Kinter at govtaffairs@sgia.org.
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