Sawgrass offers ChromaBlast-R Cotton Transfer Inks for Ricoh SG 7100DN

Sawgrass Technologies announces the release of ChromaBlast-R Cotton Transfer Inks for Ricoh SG 7100DN. Capable of printing large images at a rate of up to 135 color prints per hour, the Ricoh SG 7100DN is an ideal high production cotton transfer printing system. ChromaBlast-R's high-capacity ink cartridges provide extended uninterrupted printing without the need for a separate bulk ink system. ChromaBlast-R for the Ricoh SG 7100DN is the digital garment printing solution of choice for fast-growing shops that require the highest level of reliability and throughput to meet their production demands. ChromaBlast-R is a specially formulated cotton transfer ink for the Ricoh platform and makes a great alternative to expensive direct to garment systems. Paired with ChromaBlast Transfer Media, ChromaBlast-R produces vibrant, lasting images that look, feel and breathe like nothing else on the market.

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