Academy Nomination Form


The Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies is composed of leading technical authorities in the industry, and selects new members based on their demonstrated ability and willingness to assist in the advancement of the screen and digital printing industries.

About Your Nomination

The reason you were asked to complete this Nominee Submission Form is you were nominated and sponsored by a current member of PRINTING United Alliance. To be considered, each nominee must be supported by at least three active members of the Academy. Letters from these three supporters of the nominee are encouraged. To apply for consideration of membership in the Academy, please complete the following application. This form provides the membership with information regarding your contributions to the screen and digital printing industries.

If you have any questions regarding this nomination form, please contact Marci Kinter at PRINTING United Alliance,

Deadline for each year submission: August 1. Return or email with all related documents to:

The Academy c/o
PRINTING United Alliance
10015 Main Street, Fairfax, VA 22031-3489 USA


REFERENCES: The “Sponsor” must list three Academy Member supporters of this nomination

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Note to the Nominee:

Requirements and Commitments of an Academy Member

Before accepting a nomination as an Academy member, please carefully consider that along with the honor of becoming an esteemed member of the Academy, there is also a commitment to participate when possible in the Academy events and contribute to the service and representation of PRINTING United Alliance, attend meetings when possible, and consider volunteer work on Academy committees in areas where your expertise would be beneficial.


Please evaluate yourself and write statements of your past contributions for each of the six attributes listed below. (Expertise, Trainer/Teacher, Innovator, Humanitarian, Innovator, Technical Training and Education) These six attributes are very important to the members of the Academy and each member will assess your answers in evaluating your admission into this unique and prestigious group of professionals.

Please supply all information in English



Your statement here should provide evidence of your expertise, specifically in reference to your contributions to the screen and digital printing industry. What is your experience level and mastery of in each area you mention? Feel free to provide any information regarding your experience and contribution that you would like the Academy membership to know about you.

Expertise Description:

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Speciality Description

(Example: printed electronics, Industrial printing, textiles, dye-sub, POP, etc. orother print methodology, technology area, screen making, mesh, ink, emulsion, machinery, software, hardware, consulting, business software and business coaching or consulting, color management or prepress? Etc. What is your “specialty”?

Offer evidence of your contribution to a specialty segment or segments of the digital and or screen printing industry. Please note that not all aspects of the screen printing and digital processes were mentioned and you are encouraged to list what you feel you would like the Academy membership to know about your specific specialty.


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Teaching/Training Description

Possibly the most valued trait a potential inductee into the Academy can offer is evidence of their promotion of the proliferation and positive evolution of the screen and digital printing processes via teaching; on- or off-site consultation; authored and presented white-papers; seminars presented; authored and published articles; repeated columns and Internet blogs; and other efforts to educate members of the industry. Please be specific about the magazines, websites, conferences, and other outlets through which the information was presented or distributed.


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ASDPT is interested in evidence of your philanthropic and humanitarian practices invested exclusively in or donated to the screen and digital printing industry! Please list time spent or funds donated towards charitable events for the screen and digital printing industry.

Humanitarian Contributions:

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Offer evidence of intellectual property contributions; these include patents, copyrights or certifications of trade secrets which have raised the level of technology in the screen and digital printing industry.


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Technical Train and Education

Offer evidence of your formal training, achievement awards, and certifications. Education does not have to specifically relate to screen or digital printing, though any relevant training in these areas is important for voting members to know.

Technical Training and Education:

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