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The TAGA Journal is published in two editions per year in electronic format with a minimum of four papers per edition plus any rapid communications. A bound volume is produced of each at the end of each year. Single articles are also available for purchase. Please visit the TAGA Bookstore or contact taga(at)printing.org for more information.

Volume 6 (2013)

The Influence of Coating Pigment Porosity on Inkjet Color and Lightfastness Performance

Yu Ju Wu, Veronika Lovell, Alexandra Pekarovicova, Paul D. Fleming, and Margaret Joyce

Inkjet Printability of Newsprint: Effects of Starch-Based Coatings

Behudin (Beko) Mesic and James H. Johnston

The Influence of the Surface Roughness of Aqueous Coated Samples and the Particle Size of the Coatings on the Reflection and Colourimetric Values of Offset Printed Samples

Karlović, Ivana Tomić, Ivana Rilovski, Dragoljub Novaković, Milica Vasić Vučinić, Uranija Kozmidis Luburić

Comparison of Optimal Inking of Process Colors Obtained by Two Difference Methods for LWC Paper Printed on Heatset Offset Press

Iskren Spirdonov

Volume 5, Part 1 (2011)

The Hidden Errors In Density Measurements Created by Local Spatial Density Variations

John MacPhee

Evaluation of Flexographically Printed Conductive Traces on Paper Substrates for RFID Applications

Ramesh Kattumenu, Marian Rebros, Margaret Joyce, Erika Hrehorova and Paul D. Fleming

Volume 5, Part 2 (2011)

Near Neutral Calibration Process for Flexographic Printing

Li-Wen Chen and Liam O’Hara

Modern Colour Difference Equations and Their Relationship to Printed Ink Densities

Zeinab Panahi and Martin Habekost

Volume 4 (2008)

The use of non-destructive methods in the study of IJ ink penetration

Tadeja Muck, Branka Lozo, Lenka Otáhalová, Markéta Držková, Marie Kaplanová

Water-Borne and Solvent-Based Flexographic Inks – Influence on Uncovered Area and Ink Leveling on PEcoated Paperboard

Behudin Mesic, Gunnar Engström, Magnus Lestelius

Characterisation of the Lithographic Printing of Conducting Films

B. Ramsey, D. Harrison, D. Southee

Grey Balance Control with a Re-Purposed GATF Colour Circle

Manfred H. Breede

Diffractive glossmeter for measurement of dynamic gloss of prints

Raimo Silvennoinen, Mikko Juuti1, Hanna Koivula, Martti Toivakka and Kai-Erik Peiponen

The Effect of Paper Properties on the Color Reproduction for Digital Proofing of Gravure Publication Printing

Yu Ju Wu, Alexandra Pekarovicova and Paul D. Fleming

Factors Affecting the Printing Strength of Kaolin-Based Paper Coatings

J.C.Husband, J.S.Preston, L.F.Gate, D.Blair and P.Creaton

A Comparison of Densitometric and Planimetric Measurement Techniques for Newspaper Printing

Maria S. Wroldsen, Peter Nussbaum, Jon Y. Hardeberg

The Effects of Paper Coating on Gravure Ink Mileage Curve

Renmei Xu, Yu Ju Wu, Alexandra Pekarovicova, Paul D. Fleming, and Michelle X. Wang

From Multi Channel Publishing towards a Ubiquitous Media Environment

Maria Åkesson and Carina Ihlström Eriksson, PhD

The evaluation of colour difference equations and optimization of DE2000

Martin Habekost, Dr. rer. nat., Dr. Katrin Rohlf

Effect of Toner Fixing Temperature on Print Properties in the Electrophotographic Process

Timo Hartus

Significance of Print Quality in Variable Data Printing

Åsa Gidlund, Thomas Mejtoft & Sofia Demnert

Effect of drying temperature profile and paper on mechanical print quality in heatset offset printing

Timo Hartus

Factors Impacting the Evaluation of Printer Profile Accuracy

Robert Chung

Characterization of Conductive Polymer Inks based on PEDOT:PSS

Erika Hrehorova, Marian Rebros, Alexandra Pekarovicova, Paul D. Fleming, and Valery N. Bliznyuk

Volume 3 (2007)

LCD hardware characteristics of relevance for colourcritical work - Part I. Fundamental aspects of monitor quality

Sara Leckner

The perception of gloss attributes: just-noticeable differences, sample orientation and overall quality

Siv Lindberg, Marie-Claude Béland and Per-Åke Johansson

Visual and Colorimetric press to proof matching using the new GRACoL reference printing condition

Abhay Sharma, Tom Collins, Ray Cheydleur, Steve Smiley and Florian Suessl

Observation of the ink penetration into coated paper by confocal laser scanning microscope

Yasushi Ozaki, Douglas W. Bousfield and Stephen M. Shaler

Ink Trapping Evaluation in Halftone Areas

Miroslav Fribert, Martina Táborská, Bruno Schwarzbach

Modelling Perceptual Print Quality in Complex Colour Images

Ola H Diserud, Christine Antoine, Elisabeth L. Berli

The influence of squeegee parameters on ink deposit in UV halftone screen printing

Eifion Jewell, Tim Claypole, David. Gethin

Modelling Colour Reproduction with Thermochromic Inks

Linda Johansson

LCD hardware characteristics of relevance for colourcritical work - Part II. Aspects of importance for calibration and characterization

Sara Leckner

Characterization of Penetration of Solvents into Press Blankets by Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

Yasushi Ozaki, Douglas W. Bousfield and Stephen M. Shaler

Creation of Customer Value Using Digital Printing in a Dynamic Business Environment

Thomas Mejtoft

Side by Side Soft Proofing with CRT and LCD Monitors

Veronika Chovancova Lovell, Paul D. Fleming III, Ben Starr and Abhay Sharma

Modelling Perceptual Print-through By Means of Image Analysis

Christine Antoine

A new approach to model and characterize the heating up and spreading of toner particles trough the nip of an electrophotographic printer

P. Vernhes, A. Blayo, B. Pineaux, J.-F. Bloch

Effect of Torque on Smash and Printability

B. Kumar, Lalitha Jayaraman, K. Balaji., K. Krishnan

Comparison of the Surface and Print Quality of Curtain and Blade Coated Papers

Peeyush Tripathi, Margaret Joyce, Do Ik Lee, Paul D. Fleming, Masahiro Sugihara

Volume 2 (2006)

New Test Methods to Characterize Gravure Ink Solidification Rates

Aurélie Lett, Douglas Bounsfield, Juliet Cox

Flexo Print of Corrugated Board: Mechanical Aspects of the Plate and Plate Mounting Materials

Erik Hallberg, Peter Rättö, Magnus Lestelius, Fredrik Thuvander, Asrid Odeberg Glasenapp

The Potential for using Colour Profiling for UV Graphic Screen Printing

Eifion H. Jewell, Tim C. Claypole

Topographic Distribution of UnCovered Areas (UCA) in Full Tone Flexographic Prints

Gustavo Gil Barros, Carl-Magnus Fahlcrantz, Per-Åke Johansson

The Colour Difference Formula CIEDE2000 and its Performance with a Graphic Arts Data Set

Tony Johnson, Phil Green

Analysis Of Paper Web Tension Profiles

Artem Kulachenko, Per Gradin, Bo Westerlind

Interactions Between UV Curing Offset Inks And Coated Paper – Part 1. Laboratory Investigations

Janet Preston, Sanna Rousu, Roger Wygant, John Parsons, Peter Heard, Len Gate

Interaction Characteristics In Different Applications Of Ink-Jet Printing

Ulf Lindqvist, Liisa Hakola, Jali Heilmann, Boris Zhmud, Eva Wallström

Developing Test Methods to Quantitatively Analyse Pad Printed Tablets

Tatyana Korochkina, Frances Burke, Tim Claypole and David Gethin

Ink Stability During Printing

Andrea Frimova, Alexandra Pekarovicova, Paul D. Fleming and Jan Pekarovic

Effects of Ink Chemistry, Linerboard Surface Chemistry and Linerboard Structure on Flexographic Print Quality

Joe Aspler, Lyne Cormier and Tony Manfred

A Comparison of Different Print Mottle Evaluation Models

Carl-Magnus Fahlcrantz and Per-Åke Johansson

The Effect of C.I. Pigment Yellow 12 Particle Size on Print Mileage and Color Strength

D.C. Henderson, P. Merchak, and R. Schwartz

Ink Interactions between UV curing, hybrid-UV and sheetfed offset inks and coated paper – commercial print trials

Dr Sanna Rousu, Jan Gustafsson, Dr Janet Preston, Dr Peter Heard

Critical Print Quality Factors during Digital Printing on Paperboard – a Subjective Evaluation

V.Gidlof, M. Lestelius, B. Kruse

Tools for Design for Environment (DfE) – Applications in the Printing Industry

Maria Enroth and Angelica Widing

Volume 1 (2005)

Effect of Latex Swelling on Ink Setting on Coated Paper

Yang Xiang, Douglas W. Bousfield, John Kettle, Lena Hultgren, Peter C. Hayes

Two-Dimensional Simulation of the Transfer Pad in Pad Printing

Tatyana V. Korochkina, Eifion H. Jewell, Tim C. Claypole, David T. Gethin and Mark F. J Bohan

Mechanism of Post-Print Laser Marking on Coated Substrates: Factors Controlling Ink Ablation in the Application of High Brightness Calcium Carbonate

P.A.C. Gane, M. Buri, D.C. Spielmann, B. Neuenschwander, H. Scheidiger, D. Bättig

Ink-Coating Adhesion: Factors Affecting Deposits On The CIC In 'Satellite' Type CSWO Presses When Using VAC Papers

C.J. Ridgway, E. Kalela, P.A.C. Gane

Optimizing the Adaptive Screening Process

Yuri V. Kuznetsov, Paul A. Wolneykien, Inna V. Kostyuk

The Optimum N-Factor Value of Yule-Nielsen Equation to Measure Dot Areas on CDs Using Waterless Offset Process with UV Inks

Yung-Cheng Hsieh

Printing Methods for Flat-Panel Display Manufacturing

Eran Elizur, Dan Gelbart

Interaction Between Water And Paperboard And Liner In A Flexographic Printing Press

Johanna Johnson, Peter Rättö, Lars Järnström, Magnus Lestelius, Erik Blohm

Evaluating Systematic Print Mottle

Carl-Magnus Fahlcrantz

Ink Gloss Development Mechanisms After Printing Part 1 - The Influence Of Ink Film Thickness

J.S. Preston, D.J. Parsons, L.F. Gate, J.C. Husband, A. Legrix, M. Jones

Single Fluid Inks: A Literature Review

Grant T. Shouldice, Richard R. Durand, Jr.

Influence Of Latex – Oil Interactions On Offset Ink Setting And Component Distribution On Coated Paper

Sanna Rousu, Marika Lindström, Patrick Gane, Andreas Pfau, Volker Schädler, Thomas Wirth, Dan Eklund

An Experimental Investigation into Flexographic Printing Plates

David C. Bould, Tim C. Claypole, Mark.F.J. Bohan

The Characterization of Water-Based Gravure Ink on Coated Paper

Yasushi Ozaki & Michiharu Uchida

Stochastic Screening: What To Do When Your RIP Doesn’t Support It And Comparison With Conventional Screening On An Offset Press

Paul D. Fleming, Jason Dollak, Stephen Fryzlewicz

Determination Of Elongational Strain During Ink-On-Paper Tack Measurement: A Novel Technique To Measure Work Of Cohesion And Adhesion Of Thin Films

J Schoelkopf, P.A.C. Gane, S. Fischer

Lithographic Ink Setting On Uncoated Paper

Hélène Angellier, Douglas W. Bousfield, Emmanuel D. Dimotakis

The Leverage of Grey Balance in Controlling Perceptual and Quantitative Colorimetry

Paul D. Fleming, Holly Jewell, Aniruddha D. Khandekar