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Every company should be looking for practical ways to reduce operational costs, speed throughput, and boost customer experience and satisfaction. Printing Industries of America's CI Ready! virtual conference event features five sessions presented over five days that will focus on helping printing and converting companies achieve operational excellence by using the concepts of Lean thinking and other management systems.



Introduction to Lean Manufacturing (online course)

John Compton, Principal and Founder, Compton & Associates

Lean methods can be learned. The core idea of Lean is to maximize customer value and increase "flow," while minimizing the eight types of waste. A Lean organization understands customer value and focuses their key processes to continually meet those needs. This 60-minute program will provide an overview of why Lean has become a popular continuous improvement strategy, its philosophy, and some Lean tools most commonly used in print manufacturing.


Transforming Your Business with Visual Management

Shannon Kearney, Certified Lean Facilitator, Gill Studios

This producer of custom decals and bumper stickers experienced early success implementing Lean; however, sustaining those successes proved disappointing. The lack of visual management was pinpointed as a primary reason. In response, Gill developed various visual tools, and the approach quickly became an effective and necessary way to improve processes and sustain its performance gains. Its visual management methods are now standardized, simple, and effective. Gain new ideas and discover what visual management tools could do to improve your work environment and bottom line!


Spoiling Profits: How to Reduce Rework and Reruns

Steve Kirk, Vice President, Operations, GLS Precision Marketing

Is your company strong or weak when it comes to controlling rework, reruns, and other profit-draining waste? Spoilage is a more significant problem than most executives care to believe (in fact, most companies don't measure it). Leaders like GLS Precision Marketing have well-developed systems for spotting and tracking spoilage, putting effective fixes in place, setting goals for annual improvement, and showing employees real-time numbers. Kirk will reveal how GLS's system has pushed spoilage to lower and lower levels and how it engages employees to preempt unplanned waste.


A Lean Thinker's Guide to Organizing Processes, Developing People, and Improving Every Day

Ryan Tierney, Director, Seating Matters Ltd

Seating Matters transformed itself into a world-class Lean manufacturer of specialty seating in a span of three years by following the principles of 2 Second Lean (explained in the book of the same name by Paul Akers). The Northern Ireland-based company had grappled with excess inventory, slow production, and vendor issues and only began to truly thrive after practicing Lean thinking. Hear about the company's experience with introducing and implementing Lean, and how employees hold each other accountable to the highest standards as the company continues its never-ending journey of continuous improvement. Tierney will discuss the company's daily meeting, 3S program, improvement system, and how it manages bottlenecks.


The Problem with Problem Solving

David Veech, CEO, Leadersights, Inc.

Have you ever experienced the same problem over and over? Have you ever had a team get so hung up on a problem that they couldn't make any progress toward solving it? Have you ever gotten finished with a fishbone diagram and still wondered what the root cause of your problem was? Have you ever had a solution you were trying to find a problem for? In this discussion we'll explore why these and other issues occur while you're trying to solve a problem. We'll offer some tips and techniques to avoid these issues in the future, and focus on critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and certainty.


Personal Kanban

Rhonda Huskins, Regional Vice President, South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Personal Kanban is a highly customizable tool that allows individuals and teams to visualize work, facilitating the shift from endless to-do lists to a simple work management system that produces dramatic results. For the purposes of this topic, work becomes inventory. With Personal Kanban, the same pull-system principles that allow for plant-based inventory management are utilized to manage work. Not limited to the office or plant, the methodology can be used anywhere tasks need to be completed.


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