Taking Print Way Further: Kodak Has Changed the Print Industry

Content Provided by Kodak

Author: Brad Kruchten

On February 28, Kodak hosted approximately 220 guests in the company's Rochester headquarters for its first ever Taking Print Further event. Printers, industry analysts, media, and influencers from around the world convened for a two-day forum featuring the latest Kodak technology innovations that are pushing what's possible in the process free, digital, and functional printing categories.

Two fantastic keynote speakers kicked off a gala dinner on Wednesday evening, including:

Frank Romano, a world-renowned authority on graphic communications, printing, publishing, and electronic publishing shared his vision on the future of print. Frank gave a great presentation on the evolution of print, including his perspectives on what he called "New Print" and how it would change the face of the industry.

Tad Carpenter, designer, illustrator, author, educator, and host of our Press On video series, spoke about his "Passion for Print." Tad treated the audience to a vibrant and visual presentation, showcasing some of his recent work that relies on print to produce what he called an "elevated experience" for his clients' campaigns. He also talked about how other brands and designers are pushing the boundaries on print applications, such as this Asics foot type test ad:

The next day, we officially launched KODAK SONORA X Process Free Plates and the KODAK NEXFINITY digital press platform--followed by some of the most highly-anticipated sessions at this event, which were the panel-led discussions, featuring printers using both these new technologies in real-life applications:


The audience heard from customers around the world who are successfully utilizing SONORA--and have also tested SONORA X--in many different printing environments, including sheetfed, web, newspaper, packaging, and even short-run UV. Kodak technologists were also on hand to discuss the company's continuing investments in R&D to bring this enhanced version of SONORA to market with stronger image contrast and improved robustness.

The most exciting thing is that these printers validated that the improvements in SONORA X have made process free a reality for up to 80% of the market! We heard some great commentary from customers like Jim Tomblinson from Modern Litho in Missouri who talked about the robustness of the new plate, even under extreme handling conditions.


This panel highlighted customers who are testing the newest in electrophotographic technologies: the KODAK NEXFINITY digital press platform, capable of running the widest range of applications including transactional, direct mail, packaging, commercial print, and photobooks. The Kodak development team was there to discuss the high resolution multi-bit LED writing system that drives this new product, along with the expanded market applications and growth opportunities now available through the Kodak NEXPRESS portfolio.

Philip Dodd, the founder and manager director of Healeys, commented: "We see incredible excitement from printers, creators, and industry for what's in store for the future of print, especially if you understand and embrace change. NEXPRESS has given us the tools to make this transition."

There was also a vibrant discussion by top designers, photographers, niche publishers, and trade media who continue to use print as a differentiated and value-adding medium. These panel participants recommended a closer working relationship between printers and content creators, which would help those creators to support the value of print with their own clients.

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Now it is time to Take Print Further, and to amplify this message to an even broader population. Please continue to check out information and articles, share on social media, and continue a dialog with our customers focused on how Kodak is enabling Simplicity, Growth, Sustainability, and Profitability with our investments and innovation. We truly have created something very special and it is time to TAKE PRINT WAY FURTHER THAN WE EVER THOUGHT!!