Member Spotlight: U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC

PRINTING United Alliance is grateful to serve its members who make such significant impacts on the printing industry. Through our Member Spotlights, we continue to recognize our members, and help our community get to know their peers better, both professionally and personally. The following is a Q&A with Alliance member Charles Haverfield, owner of U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC, headquartered in West Austin, AR.

Please provide a brief history/background of your company.

US Packaging & Wrapping Demo Room

U.S. Packaging & Wrapping LLC was established as a shrink wrap supply company with a focus on providing quality products and exceptional customer service. Founded in Central Arkansas in 2011, we have focused on machines, materials, and service. 

Our mission is to exceed customer expectations by offering superior products and services at affordable prices. We take pride in being a full-service packaging supply company, catering to the needs of customers large and small. Our primary products include heat shrink wrap, stretch film, strapping, tape, and more

Recognizing the importance of professional packaging within the printing industry, we have machines and material offerings used by printers all over the world. This allows our customers to not only secure and protect their products, but also enhance their brand visibility and appeal through customized packaging solutions. 

Are there markets or industries outside of your traditional offerings you are looking to add (or have added)? If so, what?

While our traditional offerings primarily focus on industrial and food packaging products, we are continuously exploring opportunities to expand into new markets and industries. We remain open to diversifying our product lines to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our current focus is an increase in affordable and sustainable product lines.

What would you say have been your company’s biggest accomplishments and challenges?

One of our biggest accomplishments has been our ability to maintain a customer-centric approach while experiencing significant growth. We take pride in our commitment to providing informative customer service and quality products, which has helped us build lasting relationships with our customers. 

However, like any business, we have faced challenges along the way, including adapting to changes in the market, managing logistical complexities with multiple warehouses and staying ahead of industry trends.

What are some future goals for your operation (where do you see your company headed in 5 years)?

We hope to further expand our product offerings, enhance our online presence, and streamline our operations to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. We aim to leverage technology to innovate our packaging solutions and provide added value to our customers. Additionally, we aspire to strengthen our position as a leader in the packaging industry while maintaining our core values of quality, affordability, and exceptional service.

Why did you decide to join the Alliance? What resources do you plan to or have already utilized through your membership?

We decided to join the Alliance to collaborate with like-minded businesses, share best practices, and access valuable resources to support our growth initiatives. Being an Alliance member helps us stay informed of emerging trends and opportunities within the packaging and printing sectors.

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