Member Spotlight: TerraSlate

PRINTING United Alliance is grateful to serve its members who make such significant impacts on the printing industry. Through our Member Spotlights, we continue to recognize our members, and help our community get to know their peers better, both professionally and personally. The following is a Q&A with Alliance member Kyle Ewing, President and CEO of TerraSlate based in Denver, CO.

Member Kyle Ewing

Can you please provide a brief history/background on your company?

TerraSlate was founded in 2015 with the vision to create the world's most durable paper. Our mission is to provide innovative, waterproof, and rip-proof paper products that serve a wide range of needs while emphasizing sustainability. With a dedicated team of 52 employees, we offer specialized printing services to complement our robust array of paper products.

Our diverse customer base spans various industries, including outdoor recreation, hospitality, and professional sectors, all in need of reliable, weather-resistant materials. Our commitment lies in delivering excellence and fast, eco-friendly solutions to our clients worldwide.

How and when did you enter the printing industry?

I entered the printing industry in 2015, driven by a recognition of the gap in the market for durable printed materials. Identifying a need for documents that could withstand harsh conditions without compromising on quality or environmental responsibility, I saw an opportunity to innovate. My goal was to create a product that would be not only waterproof and rip-proof but also recyclable, setting my business apart in both the printing and paper industries. This led to the birth of TerraSlate, where we combined high-quality printing services with our revolutionary waterproof paper.

Are there markets or industries outside of your traditional offerings you are looking to add or have added? If so, what?

At TerraSlate, we're constantly exploring new horizons and seeking opportunities to expand our reach. Beyond our traditional markets, we have ventured into sectors that benefit from our waterproof and durable printing technology. These include industries like outdoor advertising, where resilience against weather is crucial, and marine applications, where water exposure is a given and often a problem for regular paper.

Additionally, we have identified a growing need in the emergency management sector. Our materials are ideal for printed materials that must remain legible in disaster scenarios, such as evacuation maps and emergency procedure manuals.

What would you say have been your company’s biggest accomplishments and challenges?

Our greatest accomplishment at TerraSlate has undoubtedly been the successful fusion of durability and sustainability in our paper products. We've effectively filled a niche for waterproof, tear-proof, and environmentally friendly paper, a significant breakthrough in the paper and printing industries.

In terms of challenges, the journey hasn't been without its hurdles. One of the most significant has been educating the market about the benefits and uses of waterproof paper. Convincing potential customers to transition from traditional paper to a more resilient but unfamiliar alternative required strategic marketing and education efforts.

What are some future goals for your operation?

With the establishment of TerraSlate Dynamics, our in-house AI and automation consultancy, the trajectory for TerraSlate is set toward revolutionizing the printing industry with cutting-edge automation and artificial intelligence. Over the next five years, we envision a transformation in printing services' operations, with a significant focus on efficiency, scalability, and customization.

One of our primary goals is integrating AI into our core processes, and enhancing our ability to deliver personalized printing solutions at scale. We anticipate this will streamline our operations and provide unparalleled value to our customers through faster turnaround times and heightened precision in our products.

Why did you decide to join the Alliance? What resources do you plan to or have already utilized through your membership?

Joining PRINTING United Alliance was a strategic decision to align TerraSlate with the leading edge of the printing industry's trends, technologies, and best practices. The Alliance offers a wealth of resources that we intend to leverage. These include in-depth research reports that inform our market strategy, educational programs to keep our team updated on the latest industry advancements, and networking opportunities that allow us to forge valuable connections within the industry.

Additionally, we plan to utilize the environmental health and safety guidance provided by the Alliance to ensure our operations not only meet but exceed industry standards. Their advocacy efforts also align with our goal to influence positive change within the industry, particularly in areas related to sustainability and technological advancement.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Being the CEO at TerraSlate is a role that's as challenging as it is rewarding. It's a position that requires a blend of vision, determination, and adaptability. Each day presents new opportunities to innovate and push the boundaries of what our products can achieve.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of this role is leading a team that's deeply committed to our mission. Watching ideas turn into tangible products that make a real difference in people's lives is incredibly satisfying. It's also about the journey of growth—not just for the company but for every team member.

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