Member Spotlight: Dragon Letter LLC

PRINTING United Alliance is grateful to serve its members who make such significant impacts on the printing industry. Through our Membership Spotlights, we continue to recognize our members, and help our community get to know their peers better, both professionally and personally. The following is a Q&A with Alliance member Ashley Dragon, CEO of Dragon Letter LLC in Sacramento, CA.

Dragon Letter Logo

Can you please provide a brief history/background on your company?

We are a group of working artists, photographers, cinematographers, musicians, and designers. Our mission is to create art for the world that lasts generations. We use the latest technology mixed with classical printmaking techniques to realize clients’ visions. Our color pipeline expertise includes film photography, digital cinema, fashion, fine art media, computer graphics, cyber security, and interior design. With a primary focus on quality, our prints speak for themselves. 

How and when did you enter the printing industry?

Descending from third generation printmakers, attention to detail runs in the family. My grandpa was a printer, so I was born into the business. My aunt published children’s books and together, they published several tomes.

Are there markets or industries outside of your traditional offerings you are looking to add or have added? If so, what?

We’re looking to cutting edge technology, such as microprinting. These techniques allow us to cater to unique replication challenges and focus on providing accurate detail.

What would you say has been your company’s biggest accomplishment?

Our biggest accomplishment has been starting from nothing and coming up as big as we are, and providing so many different print resources to our clientele.

What are future goals for your operation and where do you see your company headed in five years?

We want to continue focusing on small run operations, as high accuracy and precision are our goals for 
our company.

Why did you decide to join the Alliance and what resources do you plan to utilize through your membership?

We joined the Alliance to learn color management on a master level and understand the meaning behind the wide array of tools and assets available to professional printmakers. We pride ourselves in staying educated in upcoming techniques and art creation formats.

What activities/hobbies do you enjoy in your free time?

I am an artist, though I enjoy studying new concepts and playing with world building in virtual reality. I used to build 3D printers professionally so I dabble in that.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

We recently started Dragon Message, which is part of the company’s umbrella, and will be our production and 
photography studio for all artistic pursuits in the future.

For more information on Dragon Letter, visit their website at