Member Spotlight: United Business Mail (UBM)

UBM Background:

Established in 1987, United Business Mail (UBM) has evolved from metering mail and hand sorting mail, to now sorting nearly 2.5 billion pieces of standard commingle letter mail per year across 48 high speed sorters. UBM provides commingling services for marketing mail— both profit and nonprofit and is the largest independent provider of commingle services in the mailing industry.

“UBM does one thing – we just sort mail. We have taken the approach that we do not and will not compete with our clients, who are the printers and letter shops across the United States. We exist to complement those businesses and not compete with them, which again makes us unique,” says President of UBM, Bill Boyce.

UBM prides itself on innovation as the only commingle provider that has nine national commingle pools per week, the only provider that takes national mail and processes and dispatches that mail within 24 hours, and the only provider approved to sort mail through commingle for Carrier Route discounts. “We really focus and reinvest in innovation to allow our clients to be extremely competitive with both price and speed of delivery,” says Boyce.

UBM saw the pandemic as an opportunity to improve their operations and training programs and in doing so, they were able to boost their employee retention dramatically over the past three years.

Joining the Alliance:

Boyce elaborates that one of the greatest benefits UBM has gotten out of joining PRINTING United Alliance is the ability to attend PRINTING United’s annual Expo conference, where UBM has exhibited at for several years now.  

“We spend a lot of time promoting this event and feel that we are bringing value to the Alliance by increasing membership and participation. We believe that there is a great base of clients and prospective clients that we have the opportunity to interact with and spend time with. One of our Core Values is the Win-Win, and we feel that our membership in the Alliance is a true Win-Win!”

Looking to the future:

Over the next five years UBM plans to continue to innovate and invest in products that bring the most value to their clients and future clients.  “When you have a niche market such as commingle and when that is your sole focus, it allows you to be laser focused on where you can bring the most value,” says Boyce.  

For more information about UBM, visit to see the latest UBM has to offer and meet the team at PRINTING United Expo this October in booth B1750.

Carly O'Neill Communications Coordinator PRINTING United Alliance

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