The Benefits of 'Micro' When It Comes to Employee Training

MicrolearningThe “micro” strategy in e-learning conveys concepts in small, very specific chunks. Typically with microlearning, the content is broken into four- to six-minute segments to get the objective across to the learner. The goal of microlearning is to decrease the learner’s cognitive overload, making it easier to absorb what is presented. A microlearning concept could be as simple and short as “How to Create a Secure Email Password.” Another way to use microlearning is to break longer e-learning courses into multiple microlessons.

With a greater understanding of human memory, we’re finally starting to pay attention to the science of learning. Whether it’s live training or eLearning, there’s only so much our brains can absorb over a period of time. As the amount of time we spend learning increases in one sitting, the understanding and retention of what’s presented drops significantly. Microlearning is a great way to combat this as smaller bites mean better attention and information retention. It’s also a perfect fit for millennial and Gen Z learners as their attention span is shorter than previous generations.

The top five benefits of microlearning are:

1. It’s short and focused for the learner — just long enough to get a single learning objective across, usually four- to six- minutes in length or less.
2. It solves the right problem (or provides the correct answer) at the right time with the proper context.
3. It fits with how we remember and recall information: smaller chunks of information mean a more efficient learning experience.
4. It works for various training scenarios including preparation, follow-up to courses for repetition and reinforcement, standalone training, and performance support.
5. More e-learning is being consumed beyond the desktop, so it’s a perfect fit for learning via mobile devices.

PRINTING United Alliance can help augment employee training with the Alliance’s recently launched  iLEARNING+ e-learning platform. In iLEARNING+, all courses and certifications are broken into manageable microlearning lessons where employees can learn on-demand when their schedule allows. Engage your staff by integrating onboarding industry training, certifications, and more into your organization with iLEARNING+, powered by real-world printing professionals.

Joe Marin

Joe Marin is senior VP, education and training at PRINTING United Alliance, through which he pursues his passion helping people learn, advance, and grow. He has spent the majority of his career in the printing industry and is one of the leading voices on digital technologies, speaking at major industry trade shows and conferences on topics related to succeeding in a digital print environment.